Rams re-sign DT Michael Brockers to a 3-year contract

re-signed one of the starting defensive linemen.

Michael Brockers

Rams completed the re-signing of defensive tackle with a 3-year contract, which worth $33.125 million, including $17 million in guaranteed.

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“Keep Michael is our team’s priority,” Rams coach Jeff Fisher said. “The defensive lineman has always been very important to us, and Michael had made a significant contribution to our team since he joined the team. We are very excited to continue his career in Los Angeles.”

Brockers, the 2012 No.14 draft pick, will enter the last year of his contract and get $6.146 million salaries.

Brockers has not yet grown to the star-level passer, but he can keep stable and continues to play, he has started 57 games for the Rams.

The 25-year-old Brockers is a key part of defensive lineman of the strong Rams lineup depth this season. In the case of Aaron Donald with his rookie contract, the Rams will keep the defensive combination in the next few years.

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